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How do I replace the breaker on a T009-5xxx power panel?

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 Telect's T009-5xxxx panels do allow for you to replace defective breakers of the same rating.  Although difficult to remove from the panel, circuit breakers can be disconnected and replaced using the following steps.

1. Be sure new breaker is the same size as breaker being replaced.

2. Place new breaker within easy reach of panel. Be sure new breaker is off ( O ) position.

3. If possible, turn off all breakers on the side (A or B) where the breaker is to be replaced. Then, turn off input power to that side of panel.

4. Place breaker to be replaced in the off position.

5. Using a very small, flat-tipped screwdriver, carefully pry out on bottom of breaker while applying upward force on face of breaker.  This should raise the bottom of the breaker so it slightly protrudes out the front of the panel.

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6. While preventing breaker from going back into panel, depress bottom tab with the screwdriver and pull out on breaker.  This starts the tab through the panel front opening so that it is dislodged about 1/16 in. (~.15 cm) at the bottom.

7. While pulling on breaker, work the screwdriver at the top to release the top tab.  If both tabs are released, the breaker should begin to pull out the front of the panel.

8. The breaker conductors can be pulled loose from the assembly at the rear of the panel. Do not pull out on the breaker more than necessary when removing and installing the LOAD and LINE connectors.

9. Gently work breaker out front of panel until rear connectors can be accessed by pliers.

10. Remove LOAD connector from breaker using needle-nose pliers:

          • For standard circuit breaker installations, with “O” at the top and “|” at the bottom, the LOAD connector will be near the bottom.

          • For circuit breaker installations with “|” at the top and “O” at the bottom, the LOAD connector will be near the top.

11. Restrain connector to prevent it from traveling back in to panel.

12. While holding breaker out from the front of the panel, grasp LINE connector of breaker with needle-nose pliers.

13. Hold the LINE connector with pliers and then pull breaker, wiggling it until breaker is free from connector. Continue to hold the LINE connector with the pliers. Do not allow the connector to contact the panel chassis.

14. With your free hand, pick up new breaker and check orientation of new breaker.

15. Press spade connector of new breaker into the pliers-held LINE connector until fully seated.  Visually inspect the connection to be sure full contact is made between the LINE connector and the breaker spade connector.

16. Place the LOAD conductor connector on the LOAD spade connector of the breaker.  Visually inspect the connection.

17. Gently place breaker back into panel. Push on front of breaker until tabs are cleared and breaker is secure in panel.

18. If input power was turned off, restore input power and turn on breakers one at a time.

19. When new breaker is turned on, check output terminal for correct polarity.



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