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Connecting ADC FGS-MDSP-A 4” Downspout to Telect Wavetrax

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Parts needed to connect:
-Telect 4” Competitive Adapter p/n 027-2000-4007
-Telect Notching Tool p/n 027-2000-1100

                NOTE: On the ADC 4” Downspout, the bottom downspout part is too wide to connect to the Telect  System. It can be bent to fit into place, but will not hold well. However the side, which are used to extend to horizontal troughs, can connect to Telect Parts. To connect to this part, attach the Telect 4” Competitive adapter to the Telect WaveTrax part. The ADC part can then fit directly into the competitive adapter. The ADC part must be notched to be held in place.

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