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Why am I getting a failure across pins 3 and 6 on my EPPE-XXXX-XXILD Ethernet patch panel during testing?

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Telect's Integrated Tracer LED (ILD) series of Ethernet patch panels give you the ability to locate "Trace" cable connections between two panels. Our signal tracer module (EPPE-TRCR-MOD) is required to perform this feature.

In order for this feature to work there a diode is placed across pins 3 & 6 that illuminates when voltage is applied via the tester. This diode causes a majority of Ethernet testers to report a short on these pins when performing a DC test, as they are not designed to account for a diode sitting across pins 3 and 6.  Your wiring and port identification tests are the common tests that will fail.  However, if you have the ability to test the circuit for data transmission you would see these pass which is why the LED does not affect standard operation of the Ethernet panel. 
There are a few testers on the market, like the Fluke Meter DTX test equipment, that show a PASS on the wiring tests with the ILD series of panels.  




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