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What type of noise filtering is provided in the 0HPGMT05NR panel?

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The noise filters for the 0HPGMT05NR panel provides transient and AC noise filtering for low current -48 VDC lines in telecom systems. The filters use a bank of ceramic capacitors to effectively limit transient energy and suppress AC noise. To avoid shorting and potential venting, electrolytic capacitors are not incorporated in these components. The 0HPGMT05NR's noise filters are most effective against noise introduced into the system after the fuse panel.


The panels use a PI filter consisting of a large inductor with input and output filtering capacitors. Typical filtering characteristics are:

- 60 Hz, -44dB

- 200 Hz, -58 dB

- 1 kHz, -96 dB

- 10 kHz, -102 dB. 



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