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What questions do I need to ask when selling power systems?

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When a request is received from a customer in search of a Power System Solution, the following questions are very helpful in order to appropriately select and design the best possible solution.


An answer to these questions should be obtained as early in the design process as possible:

  • What’s the application?  i.e. Cell site backhaul, remote hub, telco closet, etc

  • What’s the system’s voltage (Vdc)? i.e. (+24/-48/-60/other)

  • What’s the maximum load in watts and/or amps? i.e. 7.2 KW, 150A, 2000W, etc

  • What’s the available input voltage (Vac)? i.e. 120, 208, 480

  • Is battery backup required? How many minutes/hours?

  • What is the recharge time required?

  • If battery backup will be used, is LVBD required?

  • Is rectifier redundancy required?

  • Distribution breakers: how many, what type and what sizes?



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