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What alarms are included on Telect's IOE-32S-A202 enclosure?

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The IOE-32S-A202 enclosure comes with 6 output alarms pre-configured: Minor, Major, Critical, AC Power Fail, Door Open, and High Temperature.  This leaves 6 additional Digital Outputs (DO) that can be customized with the controller.
The Minor alarm is tied to DO7
The Major alarm is tied to DO8
The Critical alarm is tied to DO9
AC power fail is (DO10)
Door Alarm is (DO11)
Temperature alarm (DO12)

For a complete list of mapping to Minor, Major, and Critical you can use DCTools to connect with the Controller and view the list under Alarms Tab.  You can use the Digital Output tab, to set the remaining 6 outputs to generate specific alarms per the SC200 User Manual.
If you are to get a Minor, Major, or Critical alarm you can view the exact cause using DCTools and connecting to the control or from the front of the controller using the display interface. DO7 thru DO12 are already configured and wired for the contacts, so you just need to connect your alarm leads to the IOB board in the proper location.  No controller configuration is required for the above setup.  Using DO1 thru DO6 requires you to configure the controller for the specific alarms you want.
The default configuration of the outputs is energized when active, which can be switched (if needed) using the controller if you want an open when an alarm is active.  Using DCTools this can be done from the Digital Outputs tab, expand the columns using the double arrow and change the “Active State” to “de-Energized” for each alarm you want to behave as an open when activated.



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