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The alarms on my 007-0001-260x BDFB panel do not appear to be working properly, what might be the cause?

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If you are experience false or unexpected alarms on your 007-0001-260x panel, you need to confirm that you are using Telect approved circuit breakers.  The alarm circuitry expects a certain alarm pin-out, and not all circuit breaker's alarm pin-outs are the same.  An incorrect alarm pin-out will cause false alarms or error indicators.  Telect supports a couple of different breaker part numbers for the 007-0001-260x panels.  These include:

CARLING  CA1-X0-16-702-A21-MJ
SENSATA LELK1-1REC4-29813-60-V

If you are not using Telect approved circuit breakers, please contact your local distributor or Telect sales representative for the appropriate Telect part numbers and a quote.



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