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Primary and Secondary DC Power Distribution

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The power plant with its DC distribution systems is the heart of all telecommunications services. The power plant provides the life-force, the AC/DC fuel that makes network transmission possible.
This guide provides you with the basic requirements for a telecommunications power plant. This guide contains a general description of the power plant and the DC distribution system — their operation and installation — with special emphasis on primary DC distribution. What this guide doesn’t do is specify a standard for engineering design and installation, but it does recommend and promote best practice methods used throughout the industry for primary DC distribution.
Overall, by adhering to best-practice methods of implementation and installation, you can obtain and maintain a secure, safe, and robust power distribution system. Best-practice power distribution and wiring practices are important measures for protecting a system investment over its service life. And, as the system changes, these practices will help operating companies mitigate losses in revenue due to power-related problems. The main functions of a primary DC distribution system is to distribute power to secondary systems. Specifically, the system
• Distributes adequate power to the operating equipment or equipment shelves
• Protects the interfacing power cables between the distribution points and the equipment using properly rated cables and fuses/breakers

Not all telecommunication central offices are equipped identically. Each is unique. Each requires a variety of power plants and distribution schemes to accommodate special office loads.
Distribution panels can be protected and cabled in a tremendous number of circuit configurations for a vast amount of applications. In this guide, we’ll cover the main functions and touch on some
applications as they apply to primary DC power distribution equipment — whether they be Telect's or anyone else's.



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