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How much slack can the fiber spools hold in the IPLinx enclosure?

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Telect's standard IPLinx enclosure product line offers fiber slack management with the use of fiber half-spools, which can be stacked up to 3 levels high for additional slack management.  When considering "how much" slack management, you need to know the fiber cable diameter before making the calculation.  The area under each spool's ear (see below) can hold sixteen 3mm fiber patch cords.  Each complete wrap around both fiber half-spools will average ~14.5".  The first wrap being 12.3" and the last one being 17.3" in diameter.  Telect estimates each layer of fiber half-spools would hold ~15ft of 3mm fiber patch cords, when allowing for some variance accounting for non-perfect wraps.

If the same calculation was done for 2mm fiber patch cords, it would be ~32ft of slack management.  For 1.7mm diameter patch cords, it would be ~48ft of slack management per layer.  The picture shows slack management using 900um buffer tubing which would allow for considerably more slack management on each half-spool layer.

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