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How is a frame tested for seismic reliability?

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The designated network facility location for the equipment will determine the severity of the test. For example, equipment designated for installation in Earthquake Risk Zone 4 is tested at the highest acceleration level. Equipment that will not be installed in Earthquake Risk Zone 4 may be tested to the reduced acceleration levels of the application zone.

Telecommunications equipment is earthquake tested using a prescribed waveform. The acceleration-time history waveform has been synthesized from several typical earthquakes and for different building and soil site conditions. The test procedure subjects equipment to follow the prescribed motion of the synthesized waveform by means of a shaker table.

Shaking is applied to the equipment being tested in each of the three orthogonal directions of the framework. This simulates conditions that would be encountered in service when building floors apply earthquake motions to the equipment.

Horizontal static pull tests on framework may be performed before waveform testing. Static pull tests provide an approximation of framework strength and stiffness characteristics.




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