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How do I replace the alarm card in the 0HPGMT05R and is it hot swappable?

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The alarm card  for Telect's 0HPGMT05R panel is P/N 16188F01. The alarm card is hot swappable, allowing you to replace the card without interrupting service.

Here is a link to a short video that shows how install the new alarm card. click here


You can replace/reset this card with power applied but must be careful and try not to come into contact with the chassis. If in the case you come into contact and do create a short you will only damage the card and not interrupt the power to you network equipment.  He did say that these cards a very robust and you should not have a problem removing it.
To reset the card simply unplug the connectors as shown in the video, wait 30 seconds and plug back in. You will not need to insert the card back into the chassis to verify the reset cleared the alarm. If the alarm did not clear after the reset then the card is bad and would need to be replaced, using the same instructions.




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