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How do I add a drop to my CableLinks overhead horizontal trough?

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Depending on how far out the drop opening needs to be from the horizontal CableLinks trough, one of the following two options would work for a 2" CableLinks trough:


A drop that is in-line with the overhead trough:
1 @ 027-1000-4227 - TRAX (2) CENTER DROP
2 @ 027-2000-4299 - TRAX (2) FASTLOCK COUPLING KIT
2 @ 027-1000-4207 - TRAX:(2) TRAX TO CABLELINKS ADAPTER
A drop that extends out from the horizontal run, using a “T” intersection:
1 @ 027-2000-4210 - TRAX (2) T-JUNCTION
3 @ 027-2000-4299 - TRAX (2) FASTLOCK COUPLING KIT
3 @ 027-2000-4207 - TRAX:(2) TRAX TO CABLELINKS ADAPTER
1 @ 027-2000-4277 - TRAX (2) CENTER DROP

For a 4" or 6" CableLinks trough, similar style pieces would be used except the part numbers would be adjusted for the correct trough size.




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