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How can I plan out a Wavetrax layout for my network room?

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There are two recommended options available to customers when planning out a network room, and hoping to use Telect Wavetrax. The first option is the quickest, and easiest for the customer to achieve what they need. On this Support Website, they are Visio Wavetrax Stencils. Using these stencils in Microsoft VIsio will allow the customer to plan out the room using scale drawings of the products. Once finished, Teletc SUpport can verify the drawing and Bill of Materials for the project. The other option available to customers is to go through their Telect Sales representative. Sales can put the customer in contact with Support to have SUpport build the drawing for them. The downside of this option is that there is generally a large amount of back and forth between the customer and support, and the timeline to completion is longer as a result



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