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Can a create a loop back between the Bantam jacks and wire-wrap pins on the ELF-1008-1800 module?

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The ELF-1008-1800 uses the RJ ports on the rear for connecting your network elements.  The front facing Bantam jacks and wire-wrap pins are used  for the cross-connect circuitry.  Either the Bantam jacks (temporary cross connect) or wire-wrap pins (permanent cross connect) are active, but not both at the same time.  Whichever front cross connect method is used, they are connected with the RJ port on the rear of the ELF-1008-1800 module.  Therefore, you cannot create a loop back connection between the Bantam jacks and the wire-wrap pins for a specific network element  You can use a loop back plug on the Bantam jacks to create a loop back condition on the RJ port and its network element.  



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