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Can I use bare wire on the GMT outputs on the HPGMT20?

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The GMT outputs for the HPGMT20 can be installed with a bare wire end.  You have the option of using a spade style lug for a #6-32 stud if you want a more secure connection, but it is not required for proper panel operation.  You should confirm there are no company or local coding standards that dictate the use of a lug, but Telect does not require one.  If using a lug, Telect recommends one of the following:
- AMP 324608 with a flanged (dog-eared), straight, forked tongue for #22 - #16 AWG
- Burndy TP14-2F with a straight, forked tongue for #16 - #14 AWG
- Burndy TP14-2Z with a flanged, straight, forked tongue, also for #16 - #14 AWG



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