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Can I use a Telect's -48Vdc DS1 panel with a 24Vdc power supply, if I switch out the LEDs for ones that work at 24Vdc?

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Telect does not recommend you convert one of our DS1 panels designed for -48Vdc operation, and run it at +24Vdc by swapping out the LEDs.  Doing so would void the warranty, and Telect could not guarantee the correct operation of the panel.
Telect offers a number of different DS1 panels that support +24Vdc supplies, which would be a better option.  Another option to consider, if you already have a -48Vdc panel is to purchase a 24Vdc to 48Vdc converter module and use it to supply the required -48Vdc to the panel.  There are a number of different vendors that offer such a module for various price points depending on the current load.  A 3A output from the module should be able to supply multiple DS1 panels with -48V LEDs under normal operation, so you wouldn’t need a 1 for 1 match with the converter module to DS1 panel.



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