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Can I convert my WECO rack to a rack with EIA spacing?

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Yes, Telect offers panel adapters to change the hole spacing on a 2-post rack.  Telect offers a full rack hole spacing adapter for 7ft, 9ft, and 11.5ft racks to change 2" RU mounting holes (WECO)  to 1.75" RU mounting holes (EIA).  The 7ft version is P/N 02325-03.

In addition, Telect offers smaller versions of the panel adapters in various lengths P/N 02162-5x, where the x is the RU spacing which can be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5RU.

Telect also offers hole spacing panel adapters that convert EIA spacing to WECO spacing, which can be found here.



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