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White Paper: Wall-Mount GMT Fuse Panel White Paper

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Attached Document Summary


Lightweight, Versatile Distribution Solutions Fit Traditional and Next-Gen Environments


Versatility is not necessarily a trait that’s generally associated with communications network power distribution. Typically, traditional platforms for managing power and protecting network elements are the norm; once standards are set, network engineers tend to stay with established products.


However, the changing topologies of today’s net- work applications frequently alter how power distribution panels are installed, and for that matter, what types of fuse panels or circuit breaker panels are utilized. As network architects deploy more advanced equipment outside of the central office, the associated power distribution must be adjusted to fit the environment. For instance, full-sized rack-mounted GMT fuse panel may not be necessary to simply distribute power to a multiplexer in a remote site application.


Finding a balance between adequate capacity, size and cost is key. In other words, an ideal power distribution solution for many applications is the type of panel that provides ample capabilities at the lowest cost. Adding versatility into that mix is a sig- nificant advantage.


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