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Technical Reference Guide: Primary DC Distribution

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Attached Document Summary
This guide provides you with the basic requirements for a telecommunications power plant. This guide contains a general description of the power plant and the DC distribution system — their operation and installation — with special emphasis on primary DC distribution. What this guide doesn’t do is specify a standard for engineering design and installation, but it does recommend and promote best practice methods used throughout the industry for primary DC distribution.

Attached Document Table of Contents

1.1 Purpose and Scope
1.2 General Requirements
2.1 The Power Plant
2.1.1 Essential Loads
2.1.2 Nonessential Loads
2.1.3 Special Loads
2.1.4 Load Block Diagram
3.1 The AC Power System
3.1.1 AC Source
3.1.2 AC Operating Voltages
3.1.3 Number of AC Services
3.1.4 Standby AC Service
3.1.5 AC Input Transfer Switch
3.1.6 AC Distribution System
3.1.7 AC Backup System for Protected & Uninterruptible Loads
4.1 The DC Power System
4.1.1 Equipment Loads
4.1.2 Rectifier AC Service
4.1.3 Plant Voltage, Polarity, & Regulation
4.1.4 Rectifiers
4.1.5 Batteries
4.1.6 Main Distribution Bus
4.1.7 Over-Current Protection Devices
4.1.8 Current Shunts
4.1.9 Primary Distribution Power Board
4.1.10 A/B Distribution & Redundancy
4.1.11 Secondary DC Distribution System
5.1 Distribution Losses
5.1.1 Inherent Voltage Drop
5.1.2 Inherent Voltage Drop Formulas
6.1 Grounding
6.1.1 Grounding terminology
6.1.2 Personnel Safety
6.1.3 Over-Current Protection
6.1.4 Current Flow Direction Control
6.1.5 Reduce Potentials Between Ground Systems
6.1.6 Reduce Electrical Internal/External Noise Transients
6.1.7 Reduced Cable Inductance
6.1.8 Reliable Equipment Operation
7.1 Alarm Monitoring and Control
8.1 Secondary Distribution Power Systems
Attached Document List of Figures
Figure 1 - Basic System Schematic
Figure 2 - Load Distribution System for a Local Switching Office
Figure 3 - Stages of Over-voltage Protection
Figure 4 - Schematic
Figure 5 - Generic Block Diagram of a Primary Main Distribution System
Figure 6 - Thermal Circuit Breaker
Figure 7 - Magnetic Trip Circuit Breakers
Figure 8 - Battery Distribution Circuit Breaker Board (BDCBB)
Figure 9 - BDCBB Bay
Figure 10 - Typical Allowable Total Loop Voltage Drops for a
–48V Plant DC Distribution System
Figure 11 - DC Loop Path

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