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Installation guide: WaveTrax™ and Cablelinks™

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WaveTrax™ and Cablelinks™
Fiber:: Cable Management System
 Chapter 1: Description
1.1 Overview
Telect’s WaveTrax™ Cable Management System is an open channel optical cable raceway system that combines rigid channels with transitions, intersections, drops, reducers, couplers, optional covers, and articulating channel to create a secure, high-capacity fiber-optic cable routing path between fiber distribution frames and terminal equipment.
WaveTrax™ is available in 2”, 4”, 6” and 12” widths that physically protect cable and maintain a minimum 2” bend radius throughout the cable’s path. Its rigid channels are self-supporting up to 175 lbs (79.5 kg) at up to six-foot intervals.
Custom-engineered support brackets provide convenient fastening for every work space, whether overhead or under floor.
WaveTrax™ also allows easy reconfiguration in the future using drop-in or snap-on components like an Express Off-Ramp, which creates an instant drop with no channel disassembly or cutting.
Cablelinks™, Telect’s articulating components, are available in 2”, 4”, and 6” widths that protect cable and maintain a minimum 2” bend radius just like WaveTrax™.
However, it flexes 25° from center both horizontally and vertically to easily create a cable path requiring multiple and/ or frequent changes in direction.
Cablelinks™ snaps together and installs with no special tools. The inter-connecting links create a cable management solution that is flexible and easy to thread through the most complex environment, without cutting or waste. Cablelinks™ components connect with WaveTrax™ using simple adapters.
Features and benefits of WaveTrax™ and Cablelinks™ include
·         Simple, intuitive components that simply snap together
·         Uncomplicated configuration and support
·         Straightforward installation
·         Fast deployment—installs three times faster than its fastest competitor
·         Comprehensive solution—2”, 4”, 6”, and 12” channel widths
·         Lower cost of installation, engineering, and end solution
·         Lower total cost of ownership
·         Comes in yellow



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