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Installation Guide: 100A 4-Position Demarcation Circuit Breaker panel, ±24V/-48V

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Attached Document Summary

Telect's 4 x 100A Demarcation Breaker Panel With Alarms provides breaker protection at equipment interface. The low profile panel includes four breaker positions with blank face plates, a replaceable alarm card containing power/alarm cut-off LEDs, visual and audio indicator relays, and rear-access terminals and wirewrap alarm switch contacts. Each breaker has separate BATT/RTN inputs and outputs.

Hardware is included for either flush or extended mounting in a 19" or 23" relay rack. Visit our website (www.telect.com) for ordering accessories and replaceable parts: breakers (up to 100A, each), lugs, ETSI mounting brackets, and more.
Attached document Part No.:
119677-4 A0
Document refers to the following parts:
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