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Datasheet: 20HP Series GMT Panels

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Attached Document Summary
High-power GMT 20A series fuse panels operate with multiple 20A fuses that can be mounted adjacent to each other in thermally isolated fuse holders, providing distribution and overload protection for 10 or 20 circuits.  Redundant connections increase panel reliability.  Each panel can distribute a maximum current of 100A per bus (200A total).
Document refers to the following parts:
Dual-feed 10/10 panel  20HPGMT05R
Dual-feed 10/10 panel, load sharing  20HPGMT05FR
Dual-feed 10/10 panel, noise filtering  20HPGMT05NR
Dual-feed 10/10, bay alarms, noise filter  20HPGMT05NR
Dual-feed 10/10, bay alarms, noise filter, -24V  20HPGMT05NR-24
Dual feed 10/10, total front access  20HPGMT12R-75
Dual feed 15/15 panel  20HPGMT03R
Dual feed 20/20 panel, 23” mounting only  20HPGMT02R
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