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Data Sheet: Traditional DSX-1 Systems

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Attached Document Summary
Telect traditional DSX-1 panels provide essential connectivity in
configurations that fit legacy installations and help to increase
termination density. With a comprehensive range of options
available, there’s a Telect traditional DSX-1 panel for virtually any
application or standard.
Document refers to the following parts:
8-Termination Wall-Mount Panels
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs 010-5008-0001
12-Termination Wall-Mount Panels
Wire-wrap, no LEDs 010-5012-0000
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs 010-5012-0001
Wire-wrap, -24V LEDs 010-5012-0003
28-Termination Panels
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs 010-0128-0101
Connectorized, -48V LEDs 010-0128-0115
Wire-wrap, +24V LEDs 010-0128-0127
32-Termination Panels
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs 010-0132-0101
Connectorized, -48V LEDs 010-0132-0104
Wire-wrap, no LEDs 010-0132-0132
56-Termination Panels
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs, des. 1-56 010-0156-0601
Connectorized, -48V LEDs, des. 1-28AB 010-0156-0610
Connectorized, -48V LEDs, des. 1-28AB and 29-56 010-0156-0615
Connectorized, -48V LEDs, des. 1-56 010-0156-0619
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs, des. 1-28AB 010-0156-0625
Wire-wrap, +24V LEDs, des. 1-56 010-0156-0635
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs, des. 1-28AB, L-R I/O field 010-0156-0654
64-Termination Panels
Rear cross-connect, wire-wrap, -48V LEDs 010-2164-1003
Front cross-connect, wire-wrap, -48V LEDs 010-0164-1603
112-Termination Panels
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs, white 010-1120-0001
Wire-wrap, -48V LEDs, black 010-1120-0201
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