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Data Sheet: Telect Modular E1 DSX Panels

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Attached Document Summary
Modular Telect DSX panels provide a versatile, fully configurable
platform for signal management in E1 network applica- tions. The
modular design enables customisation to fit the environment, as
well as effective cost deferral and expense management – users
can purchase and deploy connectivity modules as needed when
circuits are ready to earn revenue.
With a variety of chassis and modules available, you can build a
panel to fit specific network requirements. Each four- termination
module snaps into place in the chassis. Choose from wire-wrap,
coaxial or RJ48C connectors to fit your standards. The result is a
high-quality, reliable and dynamic platform for cross-connecting,
patching, testing and monitoring E1 circuits.
Document refers to the following parts:
84-term/4 RU loaded panel 010-4084-4011
64-term./3 RU loaded panel 010-4064-4000
64-term./4 RU loaded panel 010-4064-4010
64-term./4 RU loaded total front access panel 010-4264-0001RE
64-term./3 RU empty chassis (16 module capacity) 010-0000-4000
64-term./4 RU empty chassis (16 module capacity) 010-0000-4010
56-term./3 RU empty chassis (14 module capacity) 010-0000-4006
56-term./4 RU empty chassis (14 module capacity) 010-0000-4016
36-term. wall-mount empty chassis (9 module capacity) 010-0000-4020
8-term. wall-mount empty chassis (2 module capacity) 010-0000-4030
4-termination E1 DSX module 010-4004-E100RE
4-termination T1 DSX module 010-4004-0000
56-term/3 RU chassis (14 module capacity) Includes 10 cm cable management rings 010-0000-2709
56-term./3 RU chassis (14 module capacity) 010-0000-2702
64-term./3 RU chassis (16 module capacity) 010-0000-2701
4-term. module, wire-wrap I/O backplane 010-2704-1100RE
4-term. module, BNC connector I/O backplane 010-2704-1200RE
4-term. module, RJ48C connector I/O backplane 010-2704-1800RE
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