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Data Sheet: Low-Profile Modular DSX-3 System

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Attached Document Summary
Build versatility, efficiency and reliability into your network with
the Broadband Connectivity System II (BCS II), the unique
low profile modular solution for DS3 connectivity.
The cost-effective and dynamic BCS II offers the optimum blend
of high density (up to 32 T3/E3s in 23 x 4-inch chassis), cable
management and advanced functionality. Module choices
include a broad range of DSX-3 configurations, along with active
repeater and optical transport units.
Document refers to the following parts:
19”/24-termination 010-0000-2401BCS
23”/24-termination 010-0000-1401BCS
23”/32-termination 010-0000-3201BCS
19”/8-termination horizontal 1 RU 010-0000-0471BCS
23”/10-termination horizontal 1 RU 010-0000-1471BCS
DSX-3 Modules
6-port mini-WECO 010-3201-0401
4-port mini-WECO 010-3201-0410
3-port mini-WECO 010-3201-0407
Active Modules
Simplex repeater 710-3201-0002
Duplex repeater 710-3201-0005
DS3 Extension, single mode SC 710-3201-2002-U
DS3 Extension, single mode ST 710-3201-2001-U
DS3 Extension, multimode SC 710-3201-1002-U
DS3 Extension, multimode ST 710-3201-1001-U
Loaded Panels — Modules Included
23”/24-term. panel, 6-port modules 010-3224-0001
23”/32-term. panel, 6-port modules 010-3232-0001
Interconnect System
23”/32-position chassis 010-0000-1402BCS 6-port inter
connect module, mini-WECO 010-3201-0402
Loaded 19”/24-term. panel 010-3224-0402
BNC patch cord removal tool 907197
Mini-WECO terminating plug 100293
Standard WECO looping plug 096032
Pin plug 102147
Mini-WECO circuit guard PLG-MW-BLK
Standard WECO circuit guard PLG-SW-LK
32-position designation holders 999-3200-0008
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