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Data Sheet: Low-Profile DSX-1 Panels

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Attached Document Summary
Telect low-profile DSX-1 panels deliver the cross-connect
capabilities you need in a compact footprint to save space. All
configurations are just 4 inches in height to maximize space and
provide industry-leading density.
Advanced cable management, patented jacks for durability, and
competitive pricing all add up to uncompromised performance in a
cost-effective package. Panels are available in wire-wrap or 64-pin
connectorized I/O configurations.
Document refers to the following parts:
56-Termination Panels
Front cross-connect, wire-wrap, 19” 010-0156-0000
Front cross-connect, connectorized, 19” 010-0156-0010
Rear cross-connect, wire-wrap, 19” 010-2156-0103
64-Termination Panels
Front cross-connect, wire-wrap, 23” 010-0164-1000
Front cross-connect, connectorized, 23” 010-0164-1010
Rear cross-connect, wire-wrap, 19” 010-2164-0000
Rear cross-connect, connectorized, 19” 010-2164-0010
84-Termination Panels
Front cross-connect, wire-wrap, 23” 010-0184-1000
Front cross-connect, connectorized, 23” 010-0184-1010
Rear cross-connect, wire-wrap, 19” 010-2184-0001
Rear cross-connect, connectorized, 19” 010-2184-0010
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