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Data Sheet: BCS HD Low-Profile Modular DSX-3 System

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Attached Document Summary

Get the industry’s highest-density DSX-3 connectivity solution with Telect’s new 48-position Broadband Connectivity System II (BCS II) panel. This ultra-efficient platform is the only DSX-3 system available that fits 48 terminations in just 6 inches of vertical rack space and 24 terminations in just 3.5 inches. The cost-effective and dynamic BCS II offers the optimum blend of high density, cable management and advanced functionality. Module choices include 6-port DSX-3 configurations for bi- directional signal monitoring from a single location.
Document refers to the following parts:
48-position chassis 23” W x 5.95” H x 5.93” D 010-0000-4848
(584 mm x 151 mm x 151 mm)
24-position chassis 19” W x 3.45” H x 5.93” D 010-0000-2448
(482 mm x 88 mm x 151 mm)
48-position chassis loaded with 6-port DSX-3 modules 010-4801-4848
6-port DSX-3 module 010-4801-0410
4-port DSX-3 module 010-4801-0401
3-port DSX-3 module 010-4801-0407
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